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by Knowledge at 7:36 PM
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This Saturday (The 29th) myself and @Jade will be hosting a Halloween Maze Event.

The maze has a bunch of surprises through out it. Some trick or treat pressure plates that will either give you positive or negative effects. However this maze has a bit of a twist to it, not only are there special tricks and treats there are also staff members invisible running around the maze attempting to kill you as you try and complete the maze.

This maze will be taking place on Saturday, October 29th at 12 PM EST, 11 AM CST, 5PM GMT+1
The prize for the first person to complete this maze is 2,000,000 + a rare of your choice!

No hacking.
No extra potion effects .
Nothing in your inventory except food (optional).
No god.
Nothing that will give you an advantage over other players in the event.
No cheating, I.e. Using /marry tp.

Breaking any of these rules will result in being kicked from the event a 2 week suspension from all future events. And for hacking you will be banned.

We hope to see of many as you as we can!
by Caleb at 7:07 PM
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Hey guys, I'm going to do a sale for a bit. We'll probably do it for the next week or two for Halloween. I'm going to be doing a price drop later this month along with everything else we need to do to wrap up our previous donators. If you have any questions feel free to comment below or PM me! I'll be on more after the weekend, but I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!