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Hello everyone, I'd like to inform everyone of what's been going on with our host and why we keep dropping players. Essentially the host has been getting attacked with attacks around the size of half a terabit. This is quite a large attack so obviously they've been struggling, but we have now been informed that it's been patched and shouldn't be happening anymore... Hopefully. We'll keep you posted as time progresses. Also expect some neat updates this weekend. :)
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Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Before you began to kick back and enjoy this weekend we have a few announcements for you that we are sure you'll love!

Announcements ---------------------
  • I'd like to start off by saying I'm extremely happy to see that our player count is growing at a steady rate. :) We hope this weekend goes well and everyone has fun!
  • Although we had a tough past week or so where the server was dropping quite frequently we believe that this issue has now been resolved.
  • We are starting off the weekend by announcing that we'll be running a 50% off flash sale on our webstore! The sale will be active until the 19th of September at 11:59 CST.
  • Please make sure to vote this weekend as you will get double the rewards! This bonus will be active until the 20th of September.
  • We'd like to introduce our new event management team which will be consisting of @SkellyX and @Knowledge so make sure to tell them congratulations! Events will begin on the 20th of September!
  • Make sure to follow our Twitter for updates on anything involving The Minecart!

Updates ---------------------
  • We're planning to come up with some new ideas for all servers this week, and will hopefully drop some live updates on them in the next few weeks. And as always if you have any suggestions go visit our "Suggestions" section and write to us!
  • We're looking for a new hub build, so if you have any builds that you'd like to suggest or make feel free! Although we're looking for something with at least five portals. :)
  • Over the past week there's been an issue with items from the webstore delivering, we've now fixed any issues regarding premium ranks or perks!
  • We'll be going over Staff Applications this weekend, so be prepared applicants!