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by BoxmanCaleb at 7:02 PM
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Good evening everyone. :) I understand that I said I'd release this post a few days ago, but I've been quite busy attending to some important events going on outside of the computer. I'm running on about five hours of sleep, and I don't feel well so expect a few errors throughout this post.

Over the past few weeks I have may have seemed inactive, but I'm really not, instead I've just been super busy working on the newer additions to the server (And finishing school work). I can't release any full information, but I am aware that some of you may have heard some info from a leaked source. This isn't a full revamp, or anything along those lines. We're just working on adding newer features to the servers such as: Leader Boards, Newer Builds, Custom Terrain, Duels, New AntiCheat, Faster Connections, more Optimized servers, and a whole lot more. Essentially all the suggestions over the time frame of this year have been being watched over, and a lot of ideas from them have or are still being added.

While I've heard some people say that I do not listen to the community I can assure you that I truly want the best for the server. That's why we're listening to the community and looking through more and more suggestions. Over the next two weeks I'll be monitoring the suggestions as much as possible by myself, and with the help of @AiMsKyHiGh as well (Thanks for all the help already. :p). With that said I'll be including a new tag under suggestions called, "New", and any threads with this tag will be checked asap by myself or one of the other administrators.