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by Cabby at 12:46 AM
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Hey everybody. I wanted to make a post telling everybody some of the new features coming to Mineslam in the next week or so. If you have any further questions guys you can feel free to post a comment below. I hope everyone does enjoy these updates, and just as another note we have something pretty big coming to Mineslam next.

  • We're currently having a custom teams plugin created to fix all of the current issues our teams plugin has now. This new plugin will also have a leaderboard along with team stats to see the team with the most kills, deaths, K/D, etc.
  • Fixing up the energy cookies for you guys making it so you can eat them even with full hunger.
  • Fixing up the duels plugin putting the duels you love back in action.
  • Currently we're thinking of redoing the PvP area.
  • Add suffix's back to the server.
  • We're currently getting a plugin to make it possible for Airdrops to happen throughout the world.
  • We're trying to find a custom auction plugin allowing more than just one auction going on at a time.
  • Fixing up or finding a new PvP arena for Factions.
  • Add trading plugin.
  • Try adding a players head plugin.
  • Custom pickaxes with levels, and with this includes custom enchants every so often when you do level up.
  • Looking into adding either Quests, McMMO, or something to spice up Prison more.
  • This won't be instant, but we're looking to fix up this server. Meaning a new Skywars plugin, new maps, new shop items, etc. Everything would be new!
Thanks for reading guys, from Caleb. (: