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by Cabby at 1:02 AM
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Greetings Mineslam,

We have some important news to inform everyone about today. This is going to be a long one so be prepared. Anyways, I'm going to be giving you a list of the new features, updates, and information coming to Mineslam. We're not for sure on a exact completion date, but most of this will be soon.

Chat Protection - (Complete)

We've noticed for some time now that on Mineslam a lot of users use harsh and explicit language. We're now adding a brand new Chat Protection plugin which will protect against Cursing, Spamming, Bots, and more. This is to be released tonight.

Kitpvp Revamp - (Incomplete)

Yes that's right Kitpvp will be getting a brand new setup starting this following weekend. Meaning the old Map will be coming back, along with some new additions. Some of those being Archer Towers, Volcanoes, Towns, and more to come. We're planning to make this revamp just like how Kitpvp was before, but no reset in money, vaults, or items as of now.

GTA Revival - (Incomplete)

Now this was doesn't have a set date yet, but we're planning to bring back this server soon. It brought a good amount of players on the network, and everyone just seemed to love it. This will be coming with some new plugins that only Mineslam will have. This will hopefully come early August, and at the latest early September.

Mineslam Developer - (Incomplete)

This one should be...