Mineslam Network

by Max at 4:12 AM
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Staff Update
NightHawk_ - Demoted for inactivity.
jewishgarlicknot - Demoted for inactivity.
Demotions - Promoted to Moderator.
SkellyX - Promoted to Moderator.

All other staff members have been left at their current positions as we believe there's no point to promote them at the time being. We'd also like to include we'll finish the remaining applications in the next 72 hours.

Discord Rules have been created here. Expect a few changes, but it's a base for the time being. :)

Update Logs

  • I've been working on porting the server back over to BungeeCord as it has some plugins which make the server more enjoyable in my opinion.
  • I've practically implemented the task manager system for staff members, but still awaiting a few of their emails to invite them. Tomorrow I will explain how to utilize it.
  • There's a chance we might move hosts, but I have not fully tested the network, so don't pin me on this.
  • I'll be working on creating a ticket system which will work through the website to report bugs, etc.
  • A few other things, but nothing I can really put down for the time being.