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by Max at 9:37 AM
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Good morning everyone, over the past few weeks I'm sure you've all been aware about the incoming reset. I just wanted to inform you about a few things before I drop more information about the new server. I do plan to announce the new server name, but not until we are resetting to prevent people from joining our new website before release and causing interruptions. With that said the planned release date is August 30th, and we will be releasing four out of the five servers that day, and the following week we will release the last server.

About New Gamemodes
Our new gamemodes are confirmed and will be: Factions, Skyblock, OP-Prison, Kitpvp, and Outcasts. More information about Outcasts will be released at a later date. Factions is going to be quite similar to now just more features, new crates, new custom terrain world, dungeons, and custom enchants. Skyblock will now have a new system for spawners which will be based on tiers, but you'll understand more upon the release. It's also going to have new purchasable in game ranks with perks and rewards, as well as McMMO, new custom challenges, quests, spleef, and more! OP-Prison has been completely remade into something like the old OG OPP, and I've tried my best to connect with veterans on this and bring back some features to make it more enjoyable for everyone. I know there's been some things about Ditto and Kitpvp becoming one, but after some thinking I didn't think this was worth the effort, and I felt that having a single Ditto server would be better. With that said I do plan to release a Ditto server at a later date or when we reach around 200 or 300 players on the new network. Kitpvp does not have that Pay-To-Win aspect to it anymore, and it's completely donator kit free, so people won't just be slaughtering people from the start. Essentially how it works is upon killing someone you will earn EXP to level up and each level up you will earn a certain amount of gems to use for custom enchants, and obviously you can also buy EXP bottles to create armor with standard enchants. Outcasts will be something more interesting, and is based around being a mix of GTA, but primarily a zombie survival server. More details will be given on release, but that's the start of it. I'm really excited for the new gamemodes, and I believe that you guys will really enjoy the updates!

About The New Host
I'm still searching for a good host on the east coast preferably, so I will keep you posted, but if you have any ideas feel free to tell me.

About Rule Changes
Personally, I feel like this is one of the most important new things about the upcoming reset. I've been working on creating a filter which makes it possible for things such as cursing, racial, and homophobic slurs to be blocked through a filter, but if you want to disable this filter with other users you just have to type /filter. After that point anything included in the filter is allowed, but don't try to bypass the filter or you will be in trouble. Scamming has also been removed due to having a /trade plugin on all of the new servers. I will say that if someone purchases you a rank it's your decision whether to message and inform us to request it's removal or keep it, but you have a 48 hour deadline to contact us about the donator rank.

About Donator Ranks

Donator ranks will be transferred to the new server through our old permissions.yml file, so you don't have to worry about posting any threads. :)

About AntiCheat
Over the past few weeks I've been looking around, but haven't found anything that's very good, so I'm going to try using a few different new AntiCheats on Spigot. While it won't block everything it'll be better than our current situation, and hopefully they won't have as many false positives. If we do reach a point to afford a custom AntiCheat that will be the path we take.

About The New Website
The new website will be released a few hours before the release of the actual...